Let’s Play Animal Hospital

Let’s Play Animal HospitalSet up a pretend animal hospital.  Be sure to include an examining table, areas for the animals to rest, cages and crates.  The crates in this picture are containers or a storage cube turned on it’s side.Let’s Play Animal Hospital1Don’t forget to include all the props for examining the animals.  Here are some suggested props besides a vet kit:
  1. paper towels or napkins with tape to make pretend casts
  2. crepe paper to wrap a sprained limb
  3. box of band aids
  4. small spray bottle – the kids love this. It just gives a little spritz to wash an animal
  5. flashlight
  6. fake telephone to answer any emergency calls
  7. leashes or ribbons for leashes
  8. plastic bowls to feed the animals in the cages
  9. kitchen utensils such as tongs to assist with examining the animal
  10. Animal forms and signs to encourage creativity, spark the imagination and promote literacy