Colorful Slime

I have seen many recipes for slime on the internet and in books so we figured we would try it out.  This was so simple and fun.  Just combine equal parts clear glue and liquid starch (found in the laundry aisle at grocery store).  Mix them together.  Then separate the slime and add food coloring […]

Target Practice

Here is one of the games my son set up at his recent birthday party.  He turned over a Styrofoam cooler, pushed 5 golf tees into the bottom and balanced 5 ping pong balls on top of each golf tee.  Using a water gun from about 5 feet away, we timed how fast each player […]

Toddler Time: Bottle Bat

Here is a simple toy to make with recycled items from around the house.  You will need a two liter bottle, paper towel tube, duct tape and colored cotton balls or pom poms. Put colored cotton balls or pom poms inside the two liter bottle.  This is just to add some visual fun therefore you […]


Invention Game

Here is another kid created activity that my children enjoy.  The invention game is to either create something from scratch from different materials or recreate something with items from around the house.  One of the first challenges they did was to make your own water bottles.  Then they had people vote which one they thought […]


Birthday Claycakes

Children love to play pretend birthday party.  To start off this pretend party we needed to make the birthday “cupcakes”.  I set out a tray with some play dough, cut up straws, beads, cotton balls and cupcake liners. After rolling the cupcakes into balls, we placed them into the cupcake liners and they were ready […]