Color Car Road Trip Game

We have been playing different variations of this game for years. Here is how you play Yellow Car: Everyone looks for yellow cars. The game scores as follows: regular yellow car – 1 point, any yellow pick up truck – 5 points, yellow Mustang – 5 points and yellow Hummer – automatic win!  We keep score […]

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Top 5 Family Christmas Traditions

Top 5 Family Christmas Traditions

Throughout the years, our large family has participated in different Christmas traditions.  There is something so comforting about family traditions.  They can strengthen a family bond, create stability, provide familiarity and increase emotional ties. Here are my top 5 family Christmas traditions: 1.  BAKE COOKIES TOGETHER – The taste of the cookie dough, the smells […]

Superiffic Gift List for Parents

On to my next gift list…. The parents!!! Kids and spouses listen up, this post is for you. Children get to write specific lists each year during the holiday season of what they would like to receive. What about us parents? Sure some will ask what we may want from the mall, online or a […]