5 Tips to Help Children With Pretend Play

Many children love to play pretend and create elaborate imaginative settings and characters.  Some children may need a little extra help to expand their make believe play skills. Here are 5 simple tips to help your child or student develop pretend play scenarios: Ask questions about what the children are playing?  This will encourage the […]

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Baby and Toddler Book Pages – Engaging for Baby and Easier to Hold

Baby Toddler Book Pages are a digital download of 10 entertaining and educational pages for baby. This set includes the following 10 themes: baby, dogs, cats, toys, animals, farm, trucks, outdoors and 2 color identification pages. growingplay.wpengine.com You can print the pages on cardstock paper and laminate. If you don’t want to print the pages, let […]

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Waiting Games – 20 Games to Pass the Time

Waiting Games is a 22 page download of twenty games to play while on a road trip, waiting for an appointment or sitting around a campfire.  This collection of activities encourages children to develop self-regulation, creativity and communication skills while they wait. This packet includes games such as 60 Seconds, Reverse 20 Questions, Let’s Debate, […]

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Screen Time in Adolescents and Depression

A recent research article in Preventive Medicine reviewed data on 435 adolescents over a period of 12 years to determine if there is an association between screen time in adolescents and depressive symptoms in young adulthood.  Data and information was collected on television viewing, computer use and total screen time for the adolescents. The results indicated […]