The Quietest Game to Play Around the Dinner Table – Who Has the Spoon?

family fun time - quietest game you will ever play

Need a last minute game around the dinner or restaurant table for some family fun? Or maybe a birthday party is getting a little out of control and you want to settle the children down. Try playing a quick game of “Who Has the Spoon?” Here is how you play:

  1. One person is the “GUESSER” and closes his/her eyes tightly throughout the entire round.
  2. Everyone else passes a spoon around the table.
  3. One person keeps the spoon.  That person makes a sound with the spoon.  For example, gently tap on the table, clink a glass or smack it on your hand.
  4. The guesser has to determine who is making the sound with the spoon.

Want to make it more difficult?  Pass around a sugar packet and shake it (much harder to hear).

If someone keeps cheating by opening their eyes (and as parents we all know this will happen – haha) change up the game. One person can still be the guesser but keep his/her eyes open. Pass the spoon under the table to different people.  After 10-20 seconds, the guesser has to determine who is holding the spoon. Make sure people are fake passing the spoon to confuse the guesser.

Want to make it more difficult?  Pass around a spoon and a sugar packet.  The guesser has to determine who is holding the spoon and who is holding the sugar packet.

For either version, everyone must play the game quietly so the guesser can hear the sounds and concentrate.


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