Sweet or Sour Game for Car Rides

sweet or sour game for the car

We call this game Sweet or Sour but I think it goes by other names too.  For some reason, the kids love to play this game especially if there is a friend in the car.  When a car ride gets long, the kids get tired of waiting and look for easy entertainment.  This is certainly easy entertainment.

All you do is wave to people in other cars.  If they wave back, they are SWEET.  If they don’t wave back they are SOUR.  The kids keep score to see if Sweet or Sour wins the ride.

That’s it!  Might sound boring to adults, but trust me kids in the 5-10 year old range seem to love it. Mix it up – if you salute someone will they salute back?  How about hang 10 sign?  Peace sign?  Thumbs up?

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