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Creative Brain Series Question #4 – Fountain of Youth?

Here we go again with question #4 – Imagine you have the choice to drink from a fountain that will keep you at any age forever.  At what age would you drink from the fountain and why?

Creative Brain Series4

This post is part of the Creative Brain Series from Growing Play on creativity, imagination, outside the box thinking, something quick to do while you are waiting or a boredom buster.  The series will include one question every couple of days to get children and adults to think on their feet.  There is no right or wrong answers just try to be creative.  Spend 1-2 minutes to think or just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind to share your answer.  

I struggled answering this question.  Partially because there are positives and negatives to every age and stage in my lifetime.  So here goes nothing – I would actually pick right now!  My mid forties.  Although my life is very hectic at times, all my children are still living at home (college in only two years away for our oldest), we have a decent balance between work and home life and I have a statement my almost 80 year old mother made years ago stuck in my head…she stated one of the happiest times in her life was when my 6 siblings and I were all younger.

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