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Best Apps for Family Fun Night

Best Apps for Family Fun Night

Most of the time, you will find our family playing cards, games or a team challenge for a family fun night.  Occasionally though we will grab the ipad or the iphone and start playing a group game.  Here are our favorites (this post contains affiliate links):

1.  Family Feud – great team game for old and young.  The older ones type in the answers but the younger ones can definitely shout them out.  We don’t go in order we just work together to get them all.

2.  Heads Up – best iphone group game EVER!  Kids version is the best but sometimes that gets too easy.

3.   Word Charades – try and get the group to guess the word at the top without saying the other words.  We modify this game to keep everyone involved.  Just take turns and see who can get the highest score.  For the younger ones, you are allowed to say the words at the bottom of the card.

4.  94 Seconds – Work together to see how many category words you can get correct in 94 seconds.  Again, we modify the rules by saying the category and the letter out loud so everyone can help.  One person types in everyone’s answers.

5.  Life or Monopoly – At home we absolutely play the real board game.  But in the camper with tight quarters or the car, the video game is perfect.

What is your favorite apps for family fun night?