If This Then That – BEST App Ever (Especially for Bloggers)

If This Then That

This may be a bit off topic for the Growing Play blog but it is a super interesting app that I had to share to help organize and streamline your phone apps.  This app can do amazing things once you take some time to set up what will work for you.  I read about the If This Then That app in the Wall Street Journal yesterday if you want to read more about it.

In a nutshell, by creating simple “recipes” this app allows you to connect apps that don’t normally connect.  My suggestion is to download the IF app and just start exploring.

Here is what I am using it for fun:

1.  get a weather report push notification everyday sent to my phone at 7:00am

2.  get an email notification of free apps released today

Here is the AMAZING recipes I am using for blogging:

1.  every time a new blog post is published from Growing Play it automatically gets pinned to a pinterest board that I selected.

2.  every time I publish a new blogpost, it gets copied into a folder in my Google Drive (how awesome is that!).  Therefore, I am automatically backing up the blog.

3.  every time I publish a new blogpost, it is tweeted

I wish you could trigger a blogpost to Instagram but you can not do that.  You can do the opposite – Instagram to blogpost.  And of course, Facebook is difficult because it only will connect my personal account not the GrowingPlay account therefore I can not automate the Facebook posts.

My extra tip – If This Then That will also run on your computer.  I find it a little easier to navigate on the full website versus the app.  You may want to set up your recipes on the computer and download the app so that you get all the notifications to your phone.

One more bonus tip – you could use this app to set all sorts of reminders for children who may need a little extra help with organization or staying on schedule.  You can set reminders to drink water, get some exercise and more!

Enjoy exploring the app!  It has been a long time since I have come across such a helpful, innovative app to streamline social media. Would love to know if you already use this app or something like it.  Also, come back and let me know if you are as excited about it as I am.