Unicorn Magic Find and Color

Unicorn Magic Find and Color

This Unicorn Magic Find and Color is sure to please the unicorn lover in you.  The whimsical drawings are fun and intricate.  Can you find the objects and color them the correct color according to the key?  Get this Unicorn Magic Find and Color by submitting your email below. Get the complete Unicorn Games, Activities […]

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

Not sure why, but I have decided to move onto a unicorn theme this week.  Maybe due to the Starbucks craze right now with the drinks or maybe because as a child I always found them colorful and fun.  Regardless, I am kicking off the theme with Pin the HORN on the UNICORN.  It happens […]


10 FREE Beach Games for Kids

Most of the time at the beach, my children are pretty occupied either swimming, playing in the sand or eating.  When you go to the beach every day for a week though sometimes they start to look for other things to do.  Here are 10 FREE beach games for kids: Sand Castle Contest:  Who can […]