Outdoor Imagination Games

Finally, the weather appears to be getting a little nicer. Summer time is a great time to encourage your children to spend more time outdoors. Of course, you can do the obvious, bike rides, swimming, gardening, hiking, camping, mud pies and puddles. Here are five outdoor imagination games that may spark some interest with children. […]

How to Reset to a Slower Pace

How to Reset to a Slower Pace

We are at camp and I just came back from walking the dog with my three year old in the rain. The three year old was holding an umbrella and attempting to walk the dog. As you can imagine it was a sloooooow process. Not only was holding the umbrella and the leash tricky, stopping […]

How Many – Find and Count Pirate Puzzle

How Many Count and Find Pirate Puzzle from Growing Play

How Many… Find and Count Pirate Puzzle – Here is another FREE pirate themed printable (download at the bottom of the post).  In this find and count pirate puzzle, you have to use your visual discrimination and counting skills to determine how many of each of the following objects are in the picture: skull/ crossbones, […]

Can You Spy the Pirate Matching Puzzle

Pirate Matching Puzzle

Can You Spy the Pirate Matching Puzzle – This free pirate matching puzzle is a visual perceptual challenge.  Do you have good attention to detail skills?  Then this pirate matching puzzle is for you.  How quickly can you figure out which pirates match exactly.  You can download the pirate matching puzzle and the solution at […]