Can You Set the Unicorn Record?

Can You Set the Unicorn RecordCan You Set the Unicorn Record?

Do you love an easy game that you can play with one person or a large group?  I sure do!  We frequently have many children over at the house and simple group games come in handy.  The Set the Record series is exactly that – a simple game to challenge each other or yourself on who can set the record.

Can you set the Unicorn record?  How many times can you write the word unicorn in 10 seconds?  Grab some paper and a pencil.  Set the timer and start writing.  My record was 5 times in 10 seconds (although one was not too legible).  Can you beat that record?  Can you write the word unicorn more than 5 times in 10 seconds?

Give it a try.  Download this freebie to track who holds the record for this challenge.

Set the Record Unicorn Style from Growing Play

Check out the complete Set the Record Unicorn Style packet here.  Set the Record UNICORN Style is a digital download of 25 different fine motor, gross motor, oral motor and visual motor challenges. Pick a challenge and see who can set the record for the fastest, longest, most, and shortest skills! Write down the top scores to keep track of who holds the records for each challenge. Print as full-size pages or smaller cards for travel size. You will need paper and pencil to complete the challenges.

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Can you set the unicorn record