The Development of Play in the 21st Century

The development of play in the 21st century is more important than ever. It should be essential to your child’s development.

Almost 50% of kids aged 3 to 5 years lack even a single parent-supervised outdoor play session per day, according to a recent study done by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute. In fact, kids aged 10 to 16 years only spend 12.6 minutes each day on relatively vigorous outdoor activities. We’re raising a young generation […]

12 Positive Parenting Techniques

Wow! Raising kids is tough. We all know it as parents. Just when you think you mastered one skill, the next challenge comes along. It can feel frustrating, difficult and hard to maintain a positive attitude. Here are 12 positive parenting techniques to help you build a stronger connection with your children without losing your […]