Easy Thanksgiving Drawing Ideas

Do you need an easy art project in a hurry? This packet of easy Thanksgiving drawing ideas will get you started right away. You can download it for free at the bottom of this blog post. This is a great way to show children how cool continuous line drawings are too! Did you notice that the pictures are all drawn with just one line? It is a fun way to challenge your pencil skills when creating this turkey craft.

How Does the Easy Thanksgiving Drawing Ideas PDF Work?

All you need to do is follow these three steps to download the leaf, pumpkin, and turkey drawing:

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  2. Download and print the 5 page PDF packet with the different ways to draw the Thanksgiving objects.
  3. Provide your students with crayons, markers, pencils, and watercolors to make their thanksgiving drawings.

The super cool thing about these drawing ideas is that they are all created using ONE continuous line. They may look like simple drawings but they can be a little hard to master. The end result is a simple, clean line work of art!

Easy Step By Step Instructions

After you print the packet, here are the directions:

  1. Print the pages that you want to practice drawing.
  2. Trace around the light gray lines. Try not to lift your pencil as you trace it.
  3. Add watercolors when you are done.
  4. Another option is to try drawing the leaf, turkey, and pumpkin within the boxes on page 5.

If you want to make it even nicer, draw the continuous line drawings on watercolor paper. This will make the finished project look more like professional artwork. You could put in on display for your family at the Thanksgiving dinner or hang them all on a bulletin board.

What Skills Are Children Working on With These Easy Thanksgiving Drawing Ideas?

Your students will be working on the following skills with these creative drawing prompts :

  • visual motor skills – your eyes following what you are drawing and your eyes copying what to draw
  • eye hand coordination – your hand moving in coordination with your eyes tracking
  • fine motor skills – picking up and using the pencil and watercolor paintbrush
  • drawing skills
  • creativity
  • watercolor techniques when you create the watercolor background

When Is a Good Time to Use this Drawing Resource?

Whether you are an art teacher, classroom teachers, parent or grandparent, these Thanksgiving art projects are great:

  • to create a cute Thanksgiving decoration
  • for a quiet station during your classroom party during this holiday season or Fall
  • to use as name cards or place cards around the Thanksgiving table for when you sit down to enjoy your turkey dinner
  • for a gratitude drawing prompts and use them as thank you cards
  • to use with younger artists because it requires very few art supplies and it is easy to complete
  • to try while sitting around the dinner table waiting to eat the big meal on Thanksgiving day.
  • to experiment with different colors – try using bright colors compared to soft colors and ask the students how it changes the look of the art activity.

Add it to your Collection of Fun Thanksgiving Games

You can make this activity a fun Thanksgiving activity instead of just a drawing lesson. Give each person playing a copy of page 5 from the packet. On “GO” how quickly can they draw all three pictures? Remember they have to actually look like the picture and do not lift your pencil.

Want to play as a team game? Get three players on each team. On “GO” player one draws the leaf, player two draws the turkey, and player three draws the pumpkin. First team done in the winner!

Want to add in physical activity to the team game? Hang page five on the board in the front of the room. Students have to run-up to the front of the room, draw their object on the piece of paper and run back to the back of the room to tag the next player!

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Download your FREE Easy Thanksgiving Drawing Ideas Here

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Illustrations By Alexander Ryabintsev used under a Shutterstock license.