Winter Puzzle Printable FREE

This week I have a challenging winter puzzle printable that you can download for free at the bottom of this post. If you are looking for a one page black and white puzzle to work on multiple skills this is the puzzle for you.

How Does the Winter Puzzle Printable Work?

All you need to do is follow these three steps to download the Winter puzzle:

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  2. Download and print the black and white puzzle pages (solution is on page two so don’t cheat)
  3. Give the kids scissors and a pencil to complete the puzzle.

How to Complete the Puzzle

Cut out all of the 16 square pieces. Use 15 of them to make a puzzle that is 5 squares across and 3 squares down. There is one clue to start: the first square is puzzle piece B4. Which is the extra puzzle piece?

Want a bigger challenge?

Do not cut the puzzle pieces out and write the correct answers in the grid on the page.

What Skills Are Kids Practicing When Completing The Winter Puzzle Printable?

The puzzle page encourages kids to practice the following skills:

  • fine motor skills (using the fingers and hands to cut out the pictures)
  • visual spatial skills (knowing which puzzle piece goes next to each other)
  • graphing skills
  • logic
  • problem solving
  • visual closure skills (matching the other side of an object)
  • visual discrimination skills (recognizing differences between pictures)
  • visual motor skills (drawing lines and coloring)

All of these skills are necessary for reading, writing, and math! And to think it is a fun puzzle page!

Who is This Activity Appropriate For?

This activity is appropriate for children in grade 3 and up because the puzzle is slightly difficult. Younger students could do it with some help.

It is a great challenge for adults too!

Download your FREE Winter Puzzle Printable Here

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