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There’s something mysterious about bigfoot, and kids are naturally drawn to the idea of this big, hairy creature roaming around in the forest. Whether you believe in bigfoot’s existence or not, these fun facts and puzzle pages will entertain you. Here are some bigfoot facts for kids to help them learn more about this legendary creature. You can also download a FREE printable packet with the facts, a maze and a printable Bigfoot puzzle.

Bigfoot Facts for Kids

Where does the name bigfoot come from?

The bigfoot name comes from the bigfoot’s large, bipedal size. Some people call bigfoot Sasquatch. The British explorer David Thompson is sometimes considered the first person to discover Bigfoot footprints in 1811. 

A family in California once found bigfoot tracks and thought they were made by a big bear, so they started calling bigfoot Bigfoot. Someone who worked for the family said they actually made the tracks with carved wooden feet.

Bigfoot Sightings

There have been many bigfoot sightings over the years, with people reporting seeing this creature in forests all over the world.

What Does Bigfoot Look Like?

One bigfoot fact for kids is that bigfoot sightings vary greatly in appearance. Some bigfoot sightings report a large, hairy creature, while others report a creature with more human-like features.

Where Does Bigfoot Live?

The bigfoot or sasquatch is a mysterious creature that is said to live in forests all over the world.

Where in North America has Bigfoot Been Spotted?

Bigfoot is most frequently spotted in the Pacific Northwest, but bigfoot has been reported to live all over North America.

In the remote areas of Canada, bigfoot has been spotted in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

In the United States bigfoot sightings have been reported in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Utah.

Has Bigfoot Ever Been Captured?

No bigfoots have been captured alive, but bigfoots have been caught twice on film. The first time bigfoot was on film was by Roger Patterson in 1967.

What Does Bluff Creek Have to do With Bigfoot?

Here are some fun facts. Bluff Creek in California is considered to be bigfoot’s home turf. This is where Roger Patterson captured bigfoot on film.

What Do People Believe About Bigfoot?

Some people believe bigfoot is a real creature, while others believe it is just the legend of bigfoot.

Bigfoot Facts for Kids – Are There Any Bigfoot Skeletons?

Unfortunately, there have been no bigfoot skeletons found to date. If bigfoot exists, it’s likely that his body is well-adapted to hiding from humans.

Do Scientists Believe in Bigfoot?

Some scientists believe bigfoot could exist, while others do not believe is the existence of bigfoot. Grover Kranz is a bigfoot researcher who has spent over 50 years studying bigfoot evidence.

What Kind of Evidence is There for Bigfoot?

There is no definitive evidence that bigfoot exists, but there are various pieces of evidence that people have claimed support the bigfoot legend. This evidence includes eyewitness accounts, videos, photos, bigfoot footprints, and bigfoot hair samples.

How big is bigfoot?

One bigfoot fact for kids is that bigfoot sightings vary greatly in size. Sometimes bigfoot reports describe a creature as being almost 8 feet tall, while other times people report bigfoot as being only 4 or 5 feet tall.

People who claim to have seen bigfoot describe it as a large, bipedal creature with enormous footprints that walks like a man. They say bigfoot has a foul smell like a wet dog because of its thick fur.

Bigfoot in Folklore

Native American traditions include bigfoot in their folklore, with some tribes describing bigfoot as a peaceful creature, while others mention bigfoot as being a violent creature.

Bigfoot Facts for Kids – What Do Scientists Think About Bigfoot?

One bigfoot fact for kids is that scientists are divided about bigfoot. Some scientists think bigfoot is a local legend, while others think bigfoot could be a real creature that still exists. Grover Kranz is a bigfoot researcher who has spent over 50 years studying bigfoot evidence.

Has anyone ever found hair samples of Bigfoot?

There have been bigfoot hair samples found in Minnesota, but it’s not possible to verify if they actually belong to bigfoot.

Is Bigfoot Afraid of Humans?

They say that bigfoot is afraid of humans.

Is there a female bigfoot?

There is no evidence that bigfoot exists, so it’s unknown if bigfoot is male or female.

Bigfoot Facts for Kids – What do bigfoot footprints look like?

One bigfoot fact for kids is that bigfoot footprints vary in size and shape. Some bigfoot footprints are long and narrow, while others are more round.

Is Bigfoot an ape, a bear, or something else?

Bigfoot is not a bear. Some people believe that bigfoot is related to apes or gorillas, while others think it may be a species all its own.

What does Bigfoot Eat?

The bigfoot is believed to be omnivorous and has been known to climb trees and pick fruit from the branches.

Who is the abominable snowman?

The abominable snowman is bigfoot’s counterpart with white fur that lives in the Himalayas.

Bigfoot and Hollywood

Bigfoot has become a popular topic of conversation and debate, even inspiring movies such as Harry and the Hendersons.

Does bigfoot have family members?

Some people believe the bigfoot is a surviving specimen of Gigantopithecus, a bigfoot that lived in Southeast Asia.

Does Bigfoot Make Any Noise?

The ape-like creature has been reported to make noises such as howls, screams, moans, grunts, whistles, and possibly a form of special language.

If bigfoot hasn’t been spotted in your neck of the woods, that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there somewhere! Maybe bigfoot could be hiding in a forest near you, waiting to make a big appearance. It might be fun to go on a bigfoot hunt with your friends and see if you can find this elusive creature. Who knows, you might be the one to finally solve the bigfoot mystery! Do you believe in bigfoot?

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Here are some bigfoot facts for kids to help them learn more about this legendary creature. Download free puzzle pages too!