Cat Facts for Kids – All You Should Know About Furry Pets

We’re all familiar with the furry little animals called cats. They are one of the most owned pets worldwide and are as common as dogs. Cats are curious animals, although they might not seem like it at first look. Read one for lots of cat facts for kids.

Many cat owners can attest to the exciting nature of cats – they sometimes exhibit some attitudes or traits that surprise people. Also, there are some amazing facts about these little guys that you should know.

About Cats

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Cats have been around for way longer than we can imagine, and they were initially wild animals. Humans first domesticated cats in the early years, and we can see the evidence in old Egypt. Archaeological evidence, images, and sculptures show ancient Egypt worshipped cats as higher beings.

Several things stand out about cats, from their anatomy to their mannerisms. Sometimes, our cats do some things, leaving us doubting if they are actually cats. However, those are just the things we can see them do; what about the things we don’t know?

16 Amazing Cat Facts for Kids

Cats have an amazing anatomical structure, and every part of their body is a marvel. Let’s look at some of these fantastic cat facts for kids.

1. Family

Cats belong to the family Felidae. This family classification covers many animals, including giant cats like lions and tigers. The family Felidae is commonly called the “cat family.”

It’s incredible that cats belong to the same family as lions and tigers, right? You can also see similarities in the appearance, body posture, and mannerisms of these wild cats compared to your domesticated pet.

2. Naming

Cats have names based on their gender. The male cat is called “Tom,” like in the popular kid’s show “Tom and Jerry.” On the other hand, the female cat is called “queen or molly.” It is not a surprise, given the royal history of cats.

3. Domestication

Cats were originally wild animals – in fact, all animals were originally wild animals. However, cats are among the first animals to be seen living with humans. From ancient records, we can see that cats were a crucial part of Egyptian tradition.

Egyptians were the first to domesticate cats and keep them as symbols of worship. These records date as far back as 4000 BC. 

4. Predatory

Cats were originally predatory animals, just like other animals from the family Felidae. Domesticated cats still show their predatory traits by hunting small rodents like rats, mice, and sometimes birds.

5. Sleep

If you have a cat, you’ll notice they’re asleep half the time. Cats can sleep up to 16 hours daily and are one of the laziest pets, and it is calculated that cats spend up to 70% of their life span sleeping.

6. Tongue

Aside from the behavior and funny attributes cats sometimes exhibit, their bodies are marvels.

Take the tongue, for example – a cat’s tongue looks normal when viewed with normal eyes. However, closer inspection has shown that they have tiny protrusions or hooks all over the surface of their tongue.

Cats use their tongue for several things, including cleaning themselves and untangling fur. Contrary to how the tongue looks to our eyes, it is very rough.

7. Jumping

One of the amazing aspects of cats is their skeletal structure and flexible bodies. Cats have modified bodies that allow them to perform some amazing physical feats. One such is their jumping ability.

Cats can jump up to over six times their height. Sometimes you’ll meet your cats in the most unlikely places, like the top of your fridge or wardrobe or the top kitchen cabinet. It is due to their powerful jumping ability.

8. Toes

You might not have noticed, but unlike humans, cats don’t have the same number of toes on all feet. Their front paws have five toes, while their back paws have four toes.

10. Claws

Cats have an incredible claw mechanism. Have you ever carried your cat and noticed its claws were missing? This is because the claws are retractable.

Cats can hide their claws when not in use, and this trait is common to the family Felidae.

11. Groups

Cats are also named based on their number. A gathering of cats is called a clowder. For kittens, a pack of kittens is called a kindle.

12. Sounds

This is one of the astonishing aspects of cats that we often see. We know the typical sound for cats is the meow or purr, but you’ll be surprised to learn that that’s not all they can do.

Cats are capable of making over 20 distinct sounds. So, don’t be surprised if you hear an unfamiliar sound when it’s just you and your cat.

13. Whiskers

The whiskers are hair-like extensions on the side of the cat’s face. These whiskers are not there just for looks – they also play an essential role in the sensory functions of the cat.

These whiskers are sensitive and are used to measure distance and space. Cats have 12 whiskers on each cheek, making a total of 24.

14. Dentition

Cats have 26 teeth as kittens, while an adult cat has 30. Their sharp teeth are divided into incisors, canine, molar, and premolar. They have fewer molars and more incisors than humans because they are purely carnivorous animals.

15. Weight

An average cat weighs between eight to eleven pounds. Cats are not heavy, but their size can be affected by many factors.

16. Tailless Cats

manx cat

You’ll be surprised to learn that not all cats have tails. The Manx cat is a specie that doesn’t have a tail. The Manx can be classified into short-hair and long-hair Cymric. The fact that they lack tails doesn’t make them any less than cats.

Other Fun Facts About Cats

  • Ailurophilia is the love of cats.
  • Cats don’t have sweet taste buds.
  • No cats have the same nose ridge.
  • Cats have sweat glands on their paws.

Conclusion on Cat Facts for Kids

Cats make great pets and exciting companions, and they are full of tricks and also have attractive features. We’ve looked at cat facts for kids, and we can all learn from these points.

Check out these fun facts for kids here and browse all the other topics at the bottom of the post.

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