8 Interesting Black Bears Facts For Kids

Of all the bears in the world, the smallest of them all is the Black Bear. 

You will find this breed of bear in the Northeastern US, in the Appalachian Mountains. Forty-one of the US fifty states are home to black bears. 

Although their natural habitat is in the forest, their appearance in places where humans live has increased in recent years. This is the result of their search for human food. 

Even though many classify them as black, you may notice that some have blond or brown fur. 

We hope the above has got you a little more interested in these types of bears, and below, we will look at some other interesting black bear facts for kids. 

black bears facts for kids

1. They Live All Over America

Black bears have, over the years, extended their territories into states such as Ohio, northeastern Iowa, Wisconsin, and southern Minnesota. You can even find some living in states such as North Carolina, Union County, and Eastern Nebraska. 

When it comes to Black bear populations, there are around 1,500 Black Bears in residence in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

2. They Look Different To Other Bears

It is easy to tell Black Bears apart from their cousins, the Brown Bears. The first thing is that adult bears are much smaller in size. 

You will also notice that these bears have a minimized, concave skull and no shoulder humps. They also have shorter claws than brown bears. 

Even though small in stature, this American bear species is strong and can move rocks that weigh more than 300 lbs. 

3. Two Types Of Black Bears

As well as the American Black Bear, there is also the Asian Black Bear.

One of the significant differences between these two black bears is that the Asian one may have white fur on its chest, resembling a crescent moon.

The American Black Bear and the Asian bear species have physical distinctions. The American Black Bear has longer hind legs, and the soles of its paws tend to be much more wrinkled. 

But one thing these two black bears have in common is that they are both intelligent animals.

4. Spend The Winter Months Hibernating

Bears are very effective hibernators. They can alter their metabolism, allowing them to stay alive even though they will not eat or drink during this time. Changes in their metabolism mean they no longer urinate or defecate while hibernating. All the food they eat before hibernating remains stored as body fat. Bears use this body fat to provide sustenance while they sleep. 

They choose to hibernate in dens they have dug out for themselves, which tend to be in caves, under rocks, inside of trees, or on the side of a bank.

5. They Have Existed For 1,000´s Of Years

These creatures evolved about 2 million years ago from the Micidae, a small carnivorous animal that loved climbing trees. 

It is worth noting that both Asian and American Black bears are both descendants of the Sun Bear.

6. Have Well Developed Senses And Ability To Communicate

The American black bear has shown it has well-developed hearing and eyesight. It may also surprise you that these animals’ sense of smell is seven times stronger than that of a domestic dog. 

When it comes to communicating, they can do so using various vocal and non-vocal chords. They communicate by grunting and clicking their tongues.

These sounds are often produced in social situations to talk to their children, and they will even use sound to interact with us. 

When comfortable, they make a sound like a rumbling hum. They begin to make huffing sounds, blow air out, or moan if they are anxious or scared. 

It is best to keep your distance if you hear them producing a clicking sound with their jaws, as this is a warning sign.

7. Black Bears Are Solitary Animals 

Unlike other bears, you will find that the Black Bear does tend to like to keep its own company. 

Not only are they solitary animals, but they can also be quite aggressive. Sometimes they may choose to organize themselves into groups in locations where they know there is plenty of food to be had. 

If they come together, the dominant male will establish his territory by rubbing his body against trees and scuffing the bark of the trees. 

Even though they tend to like their own company, you will likely spot groups of American Black bears together during the mating season.

8. Cubs of Black Bears Are Tiny

When born, the average length of an American Black Bears cub is between 15 and 20 centimeters. Black bear cubs also weigh between 225 and 230 grams. 

Like many other baby animals, when born, Black baby bears are blind and do not have any fur.

Most cubs of this type of bear are born between January and February. After their birth, the cubs remain in hibernation with their mother until they are around 6 to 8 months old. At around this time, the parents wean the cubs. 

As the breeding season resumes, most cubs leave their mothers in the spring to avoid conflicts with adult male bears.


As you will see from our black bear facts for kids, these are fascinating creatures. 

Yet despite their physical stature and size, this class of animal tends to try and avoid contact with humans. The chances you’ll suffer a Black bear attack are rare compared to Grizzly bears or Brown bears.

If you should come across an adult black bear family when hiking any trails, shout at it. This is because they flee when they hear any loud noise.

Above, we provide interesting facts about these beautiful bears for kids to learn. We hope that this information has proved helpful to you.

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