FREE Santa’s Workshop Download

You can get a free download of printables to set up a great Santa’s workshop this week before Christmas. There are several signs, toy design sheet, reindeer testing and toy testing ideas to get children’s creativity flowing.   Set up the space with a construction area (i.e. blocks, tinker toys and legos), invention area (loose parts, […]

Nightime Reflector Hunt

It is chilly here this time of year and it can be hard to think of things to do outdoors with the kids. There is only a dusting of snow on the ground but the grass is covered. Thanks to ActiveKidsClub, we played a super fun game this evening. We modified their suggested hide and […]

Finished Product

Starting out with some recycled cardboard, duct tape and a broken toy truck, they completed their homemade robot. They were super proud of themselves as was I. They were able to stick the refurbished car inside the cardboard robot. Where the wheels used to be on the car, they attached some pipe cleaners with handy […]

Welcome to Growing Play

Growing Play (a division of Your Therapy Source Inc) has a mission to bring back play time to our children. All too often, busy schedules, the push to drive academics at a young age and organized sports interfere with traditional playtime. Our books and activities are great resources for parents, teachers and other professionals to […]