Tornado Facts for Kids

From their size and their strength to their damaging windspeeds, learn tornado facts for kids and all the effects they lead to.

Whoosh! Did you feel that? It felt like wind or was it a tornado? Tornadoes bring extremely high winds that are powerful enough to rip down power lines, tear down homes, and uproot trees. Have you ever seen a tornado? How about the effects of one? Tornadoes can be scary, so it’s important you stay […]

Civil War Facts for Kids

Check out these facts and details of Civil War Facts for Kids. We will cover it all from the major battles to the commanding officers.

Do you know what the Civil War was? Maybe you’ve heard it called the War Between the States or the War of Secession. Whatever you call it, the American Civil War was a bloody war fought between the northern states and southern states, or slave states. Troops from the north became known as union soldiers […]

Mercury Facts for Kids

Learn with these mercury facts for kids. We will cover it all from the planet's size and shape to its' position in space.

Are you fascinated by our solar system? Do you have a favorite planet? Maybe you like the planet Earth since that is the planet we live on or maybe you like Saturn for its beautiful rings, but have you ever stopped to think about the planet Mercury. Mercury has been the smallest planet in our […]

Whitehouse Facts for Kids

Over 20 whitehouse facts to kids to teach about the size and the whitehouse and all the different rooms of the whitehouse.

Have you ever seen the Whitehouse? The big white house in Washington D.C. where the U.S. President lives. If you have, you know just how massive it is. Did you know it has 16 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms? How about that many of the Presidents have there own library in the home? How cool is […]

Desert Facts for Kids

Learn all about desert temperature, climate, characteristics, wildlife and more with these desert facts for kids!

Did you know there are both hot deserts and cold deserts? A hot desert is a dry place where little rainfall occurs. They are typically very barren, containing little water and life forms. Some plants and animals, however, thrive in the desert biome. Hot deserts are dry, barren areas of land where little rainfall occurs. […]

Swimming Facts for Kids

Learn swimming facts for kids about the different swim strokes, world records, and more! We will also cover benefits and tips of swimming.

It’s almost time for summer, so it’s a good idea to open up those pools and get ready to swim! Swimming is a great way to exercise and cool off on those hot summer days. We will cover all the swimming facts for kids plus the benefits of swimming, water safety tips, and world records […]

Hummingbird Facts for Kids

Learn all about hummingbird species, sizes, flight paths, and more with these fun hummingbird facts for kids!

Have you ever seen a hummingbird? Hummingbirds are small birds that flutter around searching for the nectar of flowers. They are the smallest living bird species in the World and are commonly found in Central America, specifically along the Gulf of Mexico. They can travel long distances and the best part is, you always know […]

Earth Facts for Kids

The Earth is the air we breathe, the ground we step on, and the water we drink. The planet Earth is a very fascinating place, as it is believed to be the only place in the universe that can support life. There are hundreds of other facts about the planet we call home. In this […]

Africa Facts for Kids

North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and Africa. Those are the seven continents of the World. Today, we are going to focus on the continent of Africa with these Africa facts for kids. Can you name any places in Africa? How about any landmarks or animals species that live there? Africa is home […]

Turtle Facts for Kids

What is your favorite animal? One of my most favorite animals is the turtle. Turtles are fascinating creatures with a hard, protective shell and a shy demeanor. Turtles can live in fresh water, salt water, or even on land! There are both land turtles and marine turtles or aquatic turtles. With all these different types […]