Ice Cream Facts for Kids

Imagine it is a hot summer day. You have a large waffle cone in your hand with chocolate ice cream dripping down the sides of the cone. You feel a cooling sensation as the ice cream hits your tongue and then the roof of your mouth. It’s delicious! Do you know what’s even more delicious? […]

Empire State Building Facts for Kids

Have fun and learn all about the Empire State Building facts for kids with these interesting tidbits about this iconic NYC building.

Did you know the empire state building was built in 1931 during a race to create the world’s tallest building? The title of the World’s Tallest Building went back and forth between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building while under construction. Once completed, the Empire State Building measured in at 1,250 feet tall […]

Solar System Facts for Kids

Do you know what the planets in our solar system are called? What about how far away they are from Earth? Kids will learn all of this and more with these cool solar system facts. Check out some of our favorite Solar System facts for kids below! You can download two FUN solar system printables […]

Hurricane Facts for Kids

Hurricanes are a type of storm that can be very damaging, especially in coastal areas. Hurricanes can bring torrential rain, heavy winds, and much damage. If you want to learn more about this severe weather, keep reading! We will share with you a list of hurricane facts for kids from hurricane formation, to hurricane strength, […]

Ladybug Facts for Kids

Ladybug facts for kids

Have you ever seen a ladybug or kept one as a pet? I know I have! But if you haven’t, that’s okay too. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of ladybugs or ladybug videos that have made you just as enticed to learn all about these amazing creatures. Ladybugs are incredible and not to mention super […]

Pablo Picasso Facts for Kids

Find a comfy spot and get ready to read about just how amazing Picasso truly was with these Pablo Picasso facts for kids.

Have you ever heard of Pablo Picasso? You probably know him for his Blue Period. I bet you didn’t know about his Rose Period, though, or the two periods of Cubism he inspired. Find a comfy spot and get ready to read about just how amazing Picasso truly was with these Pablo Picasso facts for […]

Rainbow Facts for Kids

Have you ever looked up in the sky on a sunny day in the middle of a rain shower and seen a colorful arc? You were looking at a rainbow. Rainbows are an arc of beautiful colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. What’s your favorite color? Is it one of the amazing […]

Bat Facts for Kids

Bats flying around in the dark are sure to give anyone a scare, but have you ever stopped to think about what these bats are doing? Chances are, they are flying around hunting for food or trying to find their next roost. Bats are actually very interesting creatures and they do a lot to help […]

Arctic Animals Facts for Kids

Arctic animals facts for kids from Growing Play

Do you love animals? How about arctic animals? Animals in the arctic are some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on Earth! From polar bears, to arctic foxes, to snowy owls, arctic hares, and the seal we will cover arctic animals facts for kids about each of these animals. Do you have a favorite […]

Continent Facts for Kids

Continents of the World A continent is a large solid area of land surrounded by water. The planet Earth has 7 continents of various shapes and sizes all with different characteristics. In this blog post, continent facts for kids, kids will learn more about the various continents with these fun facts! Each continent has its […]