Outdoor Fort

 Yesterday, I posted about an indoor fort with lights (pouring rain two days ago). Today it was a beautiful day out and my 6 year old decided to take fort building outdoors. Using the parachute, scrap wood and fabric scraps she created this awesome fort. She made a seat for herself and even a guest. […]


Homemade Glowsticks

My 6 year old daughter came up with this idea for homemade glowsticks. She laced some fancy star beads and glow in the dark beads onto pipe cleaners. She made a loop at one end so she could hang them up at night when we are camping.  They came out really pretty.  She plans on […]

Game of Outdoor Survival

With the kids on vacation this week there was plenty of down time earlier in the week.  They invented this game of outdoor survival.  It was a huge hit with them and even a bigger hit for Mom and you will quickly see why when you read the objective of the game.  They played it […]


Earth Day Fun for April 22

 Here are some simple ideas to celebrate Earth Day: 1. Earth Day Crafts: Create collages out of recycled materials. The children can cut up recycled cardboard or magazines to create a collage. Perhaps think of a theme such as healthy foods or exercise. Maybe write the child’s name in large bubble letters and glue on […]