free bug huntingThis activity encourages:

  • outdoor play
  • fine motor skills (movements of the hand and fingers)
  • gross motor skills (large movements of the body)
  • visual skills
  • math skills

Step 1: Make a set of bug tweezers by folding a plastic straw in half and taping slightly closed at the top. Another option is to use your kitchen tongs or any tweezers you may have.

Step 2: Hide pom poms in the grass. These will be the bugs. Assign value to each bug ie small pom-poms = 5 points, large pom-poms=10 points and any green pom-pom=20 points. (I like to assign the points to work on skip counting and also adds to the game. You do not necessarily need to have the most pom-poms to win if playing against other players)

Step 3: On “GO” the child runs and picks up as many bugs as they can find using only the tweezers.

Step 4: When all the bugs have been found, spill them out of the cup, and add up the total points.

Happy Bug Hunting!