DIY Sticker Paper Dolls

Materials: 1 tbsp gelatin, 2 tbsp warm water, paper doll template and colored papers


Preparation: Print the template out and cut out the dolls and the clothes. Use the clothes to trace on the papers that you choose. Create a small folder by folding up the bottom and stapling it.

Make the sticker glue by combining 1 tbsp gelatin powder and 2 tbsp hot tap water. You may need to play with the recipe to get it just right. Just re-moisten it if it is starts to get chunky.

Once the clothes are cut out, use a paintbrush to paint on the gelatin sticker “glue”. Let it all dry sticker side up for a few hours. When ready, lick the back on the clothes and stick them on the paper dolls.

Decorate the dolls with a face, hair and shoes.

Store in the folder and bring it along on your next outing.

Other ideas for DIY Stickers

1.Cut pictures out of magazines, put the gelatin glue on and lick the stickers to make a collage

2.Name Tags: Put on the back of the ID badges or name tags from the Hospital and Doctor Packet or School Packet.

3.Word Recognition: Create a list of words of items in your house (that you don’t mind thekids putting a sticker on). Once the gelatin glue is dry the kids can lick and stick the words on the proper objects.