Rock and Roll

Read below or watch the video on how to make the game.

This activity encourages:

  • outdoor play
  • creativity
  • math skills

Step 1:  Head outdoors and collect 10 small, flat stones about 1/2″ to 1″ in diameter.


Step 2:  Paint one side of the rocks.  We painted hearts on one side of each of the 10 rocks.


Step 3:  Add a clear coat of nail polish to give the rocks an extra shine.


Step 4:  Gather the rocks in one hand.  Roll them onto the ground like you would dice or jax.  Count how many rocks are painted side up.  First person to get to 30 stones painted side up first is the winner!  If you are playing by yourself, see how many rolls it takes you to get to 30 painted side up.

Watch the video.