Block Play with Motorized Toys

block play zzu zzuSince I have young daughters we have a few Zhu Zhu pets in the house but you could use any motorized animal or car. Set up some blocks on a table or the floor for obstacles that the Zhu Zhu pets have to move around. We played that each person picked a color Zhu Zhu pet and you had to cheer them on while they attempted to get the other side of the table around all the blocks. We set up ours on a train table which was perfect because there is a lip around the edges to keep the motorized toys on the table. If you set it up on the floor you may want to create a border using large blocks or books to keep them in a certain area.
block play zzu zzu2 For remote controlled motorized cars, you could set up small blocks as obstacles or targets. Try driving the cars around the block course. Set up the blocks as race tracks for motorized cars to see which lane wins first.