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February 26 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

February 26 is a magical day where we dive into the world of fantasy and storytelling because it’s Tell a Fairy Tale Day! This day is dedicated to exploring fairy tales, those timeless stories filled with magic, heroes, villains, and lessons to be learned. It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to let their imaginations run […]


February 23 Facts about Detectives for Kids

Today, on February 23, let’s dive into the intriguing world of detectives! Detectives are like the superheroes of the real world, using their sharp minds and special tools to solve mysteries that baffle others. From following clues to cracking codes, they do it all. And guess what? You don’t have to be an adult to […]


February 22 – Play More Cards Day

Today, February 22, is a special day known as Play More Cards Day! It’s a day dedicated to celebrating and enjoying the fun and excitement that playing cards can bring into our lives. If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that my family LOVES to play cards. When we go camping […]


February 21 – All About Pennies

February 21 Fun Fact of the Day for Kids Today, on February 21, let’s dive into the shiny world of pennies! Pennies might seem small, but they have a big history and are packed with interesting facts. From their design to their composition, there’s a lot to learn about these common coins. At the end […]

Pet Word Search Free Printable

Looking for a fun and educational activity that combines your love for animals with the joy of learning? This pet word search is exactly what you need! This free printable offers an engaging way to help children and adults alike learn about different domesticated pets, improve their spelling and observational skills, and enjoy a relaxing […]


February 20 – Fun Fact of the Day

Today, February 20, is a special day for all pet lovers out there—it’s National Love Your Pet Day! This day is dedicated to celebrating the unique bond between pets and their owners. It’s a time to show extra love and affection to our furry, feathery, or scaly friends. You can check out all of the […]

February 19 Fact of the Day for Kids

Today, February 19, is a special day in the United States – it’s Presidents Day! This day is set aside to honor all U.S. presidents past and present, focusing especially on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthdays are in February. It’s a day filled with history, pride, and a great opportunity for learning. You […]

President Word Search Free Printable

Discover the ultimate challenge for history buffs and puzzle enthusiasts alike with our President Word Search! This unique word search is not just a fun activity but a journey through the annals of American presidency, featuring the last names of all 46 Presidents of the United States. From George Washington to Joe Biden, each name […]


February 16 – Fun Fact about Sudoku Puzzles

Today, on February 16, let’s learn about the fascinating world of sudoku puzzles! Sudoku is a popular number puzzle that people of all ages enjoy, but there’s so much more to it than just filling in numbers. It’s a brain-teasing game that can help improve problem-solving skills and concentration. So, if you’re ready to become […]


February 15 – Fun Fact of the Day

Today, February 15, is a sweet and colorful celebration known as National Gumdrop Day! Gumdrops are a favorite candy for many, known for their chewy texture and variety of flavors. This day is dedicated to enjoying and appreciating these sugary treats. If you love learning new and interesting things, especially about candies, then you’re in […]