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Pig Facts for Kids

Oink, oink! Have you ever seen a pig? Pigs can be pink and cute or brown and scruffy. There are wild pigs that live in the United States and other countries and also domestic pigs in these countries, which are typically raised by pig farmers. Believe it or not, pigs are relatively popular pets that […]

Elephant Facts for Kids

Elephants have always been my favorite animal. I don’t know if it’s their beautiful tusks, their large ears, or their loud stomps, but something about the animal has always fascinated me. Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth weighing upwards of 6 tons! African elephants are the largest species of elephants and can be […]

Black Panther Facts for Kids

Imagine you are walking through the forest and you look up to see an animal perched on a rock. It’s big with dark green eyes, covered in black fur, and has a long tail. It’s a black panther! Black panthers are strong, large cats that live in the wild. They can live in a variety […]

Cougar Facts for Kids

Do you know what a cougar is? Cougars are large, powerful cats that are native to a variety of different habitats across the world. Cougars live in Western North America, parts of South America, and some like the Florida Panther, even live in Florida! Are there cougars near where you live? Find out information about […]

Mermaid Facts for Kids

Do you believe in mermaids? The mythical creatures that swim in the sea. What do you think they look like? Do you think they look more like a fish or do they appear to be in human form? Many depictions of mermaids show them to be half fish, half-human with a fish tail and the […]

Cactus Facts for Kids

Before we jump into our list of fun cactus facts for kids, it’s important to know that the plural for cactus is cacti. Cactuses do not exist, no matter how cool that word may sound. Now that we got that out of the way, we can jump into our list of cactus facts for kids. […]

Kangaroo Facts for Kids

Hop like a kangaroo and get ready to learn all these kangaroo facts for kids. From the antilopine kangaroo to the eastern grey kangaroo and the western grey kangaroo, there are many different species of kangaroos. Kangaroos are the largest marsupial and one of the most interesting animals out there! They have large feet, powerful […]

Heart Facts for Kids

Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Do you hear that? That’s your own heart beating. The average heart beats once every second, hundreds of times in a minute, and thousands of times in a day. But, why does it beat? When the heart beats, it is either distributing or receiving blood. The heart is responsible […]

Reptile Facts for Kids

The salt water crocodile, komodo dragon, and green iguanas, oh my! These are all different kinds of reptiles. Do you know what a reptile is? Reptiles are vertebrate animals, meaning they have a backbone. They are also characterized by their dry skin and sometimes, hard shells. What other examples of reptiles can you think of? […]

Stegosaurus Facts for Kids

Did you know one of the most common dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era was the stegosaurus? From Stegosaurus Ungulatus (S. Ungulatus) to S. Sulcatus, and S. Stenops there are many different species of the stegosaurus. Fossil evidence has shown that at least these three species were around during the Triassic period and late Jurassic Period. […]