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Pre-Baby Dream Goals – How Things Change

Pre-Baby Dream Goals – How Things Change… Do you ever look back in time and reflect on your pre-baby dream goals and realize how things change?  I have been reflecting quite often lately about how much our lives have changed.  Most likely it is because we are getting ridiculously close to our oldest child heading […]

Unicorn Hunt Word Find Free Printable

Unicorn Hunt Word Find Free Printable Here is a fun unicorn hunt word find and it is FREE!  Can you find and circle all of the UNICORN words in the word find puzzle?  This is a wonderful boredom buster and challenge for the unicorn lover in your life.  It may look just like a fun […]

Can You Set the Unicorn Record?

Can You Set the Unicorn Record? Do you love an easy game that you can play with one person or a large group?  I sure do!  We frequently have many children over at the house and simple group games come in handy.  The Set the Record series is exactly that – a simple game to […]

How to Play The Memory Game – A Classic!

How to Play the Memory Game – A Classic! I have been playing the memory game since I was a child.  Once I explain the directions, the memory game might bring you down “memory lane” as well.  It is so simple to set up with objects you have right in your house or really anywhere. […]


How to Play Pretend Post Office

How to Play Pretend Post Office Do your children love to play pretend?  And do your kids love to get mail?  Here are simple directions on how to play pretend post office.  My youngest is OBSESSED with the mail.  He mails people artwork, letters, and candy all the time.  It is a wonderful hobby for […]

Happy Spring Puzzle Page – Free Printable

Happy Spring Puzzle Page We are getting closer and closer to Spring although you wouldn’t know it around here.  It seems like we have had more snow in the last week than we had all Winter.  Are you looking forward to warmer weather and green grass?  This FREE Happy Spring puzzle page will help entertain […]