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Detective Word Search Puzzle

If you are having a detective themed lesson or party, you will want to get this FREE detective word search puzzle. You can download at the end of this post. Word List for the Detective Word Search Printable Here is the word search list for this free printable: MYSTERY SPY DECODE DISGUISE MASK TELEPHONE SECRET […]

Card Game Review – Llama Drama

I don’t normally do game reviews on this website, but when I was asked to review a card game I couldn’t resist. We love card games in our family for many reasons so we were excited to try this fun and competitive Llama Drama Card Game. (This post contains affiliate links) We sat down to […]


Christmas Secret Code Worksheet – Free Printable

Check out this Christmas secret code worksheet to challenge your student’s logic, critical thinking skills, self-regulation, and visual perceptual skills. It is free printable puzzle at the bottom of this post. How to Complete the Christmas Secret Code Worksheet Crack the code puzzles require concentration and focus. Here is how you complete it: Print the […]

Unicorn Word Search – Free PDF Printable

This Unicorn word search is a just right challenge for kids. It won’t take hours to solve and children can do it independently. It is perfect for when you need an activity for early finishers, unicorn birthday party, or anytime children unplug. Unicorn Word List This Unicorn word search free PDF includes the following word […]

Life Moves On Even When We Don’t Want it To

My sister sent me a reminder this week as I am struggling with sending my “baby” off to kindergarten – “life moves on even when we don’t want it to”. It is ringing very true for me today as I reflect back on 19 years of having children in this house before starting school. Nineteen […]

Secret Agent Birthday Party Made Simple

Does your child or someone you know love cracking secret codes or staying in stealth mode all day long? If your child has a birthday coming up or even if you’re looking for a fun way to get your child’s friends together, start thinking about throwing a secret agent birthday party! It’s great for kids […]

5 Hacks to Reduce Harmful Screen Time Effects

As you probably know, our family loves to camp. Summer camping is how we refresh, renew, and get ready for a new school year. I love to watch my kids just be kids; running, swimming, playing and learning the way they want to.  I have noticed a change in my kids as they grow, however. […]