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May 20 – Be a Millionaire Day

May 20 is Be a Millionaire Day, a fun day dedicated to imagining what it would be like to be a millionaire. It’s a great opportunity for students to dream big and think about their future goals. Whether it’s about managing money or envisioning a successful career, Be a Millionaire Day encourages everyone to explore […]

Plant Word Search Puzzle

Check out this educational resource for learners of all ages, the Plant Word Search Printable. This engaging activity is perfect for elementary students and up who are eager to learn more about the natural world through a fun and interactive format. Not only does this printable help reinforce vocabulary associated with plants, but it also […]


Plant Facts for Kids

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect season for planting! During this time, students can learn a lot about how plants grow and why they are important to our environment and daily lives. Exploring the world of plants can be fascinating and educational for elementary and middle school students. Learn more about plant facts for […]


May 16 – Drawing Day

Welcome to our Fun Fact of the Day! Today, May 16, is a special day for all art enthusiasts, especially the young ones—it’s Drawing Day! This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore their creativity through the art of drawing. No matter if you’re just doodling or making detailed sketches, This day is perfect […]


May 15 – National Chocolate Chip Day Facts for Kids

Today, May 15, is National Chocolate Chip Day! This delicious day celebrates one of America’s favorite sweet treats. Chocolate chips are a staple in many desserts and snacks, making them a favorite for kids and adults alike. You can check out all of the Fact of the Day for Kids here. FIVE FUN FACTS ABOUT […]

Astronomy Word Search Puzzle

Looking for a fun and educational activity to engage young learners in the wonders of space? Our Astronomy Word Search Printable is perfect for elementary students who are curious about the universe. This printable not only offers a delightful challenge but also includes coloring elements, making it a multi-faceted educational tool. Plus, we’ve included the […]

Astronomy Facts for Kids

Today, let’s journey into the vast universe and explore some amazing astronomy facts tailored for young explorers. Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial bodies like stars, planets, comets, and galaxies. It gives us insights into the workings of our universe, from the enormous solar system to distant cosmic phenomena. Curious to learn more? Read […]

Apple Word Search Puzzle – Free Printable

Looking for a delightful activity that combines fun with educational value? This Apple Word Search Printable is just what you need! Perfect for elementary students, this printable not only challenges their word-finding skills but also offers a colorful section for them to unleash their creativity. Whether you’re a teacher looking to add a themed activity […]


May 13 – National Apple Pie Day

May 13 is a special day for dessert lovers, as it marks National Apple Pie Day! This day is dedicated to celebrating one of America’s most iconic sweets. Apple pie has been a beloved treat for centuries, and there’s no better way to honor this delicious dessert than by learning more about it and engaging […]

Golf Word Search Printable – Free

Are you ready to challenge your young learners with a fun and engaging activity that combines learning with play? Our new Golf Word Search Printable is perfect for those who are either fans of golf or just discovering this popular sport. This printable activity not only helps kids learn new vocabulary related to golf but […]