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Free Printable Thank You Cards to Color

Are you in search of free printable thank you cards to color?  These two black and white options are perfect!  Show your gratitude and thanks to someone by coloring in the whimsical thank you postcard or the full page thank you “poster”.  Download them for FREE at the bottom of the post. The Importance of […]

Family Bonding – 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Family Bond

Family life has changed so much over the last few decades.  In fact, I would use the word transformed instead of changed.  Sports practices and extracurricular activities have crept into our families lives draining parents (and children) of energy and patience.  We constantly run from one activity to the next forgetting to take the time […]


How to Raise a Grateful Child

Woah!  How to raise a grateful child!!!  That’s seems super important and not super simple.  In the United States, many of us have some many comforts and everyday luxuries.  We grow accustomed to living this lifestyle and many times children are not grateful (as well as adults) for all that we have.  Parents, grandparents, and […]


Questions to Ask Friends and Family

Do you ever find yourself wondering about your friends and family?  What do they like or dislike?  Where would they like to travel?  Who do they admire?  Here are 3 FREE pages of questions to ask friends and family.  You can download it at the end of this post. Why Is It Important to Dig […]

How to Draw a Narwhal – Free Printable

How to Draw a Narwhal Isn’t this narwhal just adorable?  I thought it was super cute and easy to draw.  Here is a simple one page printable to download (see below) where you can follow the step by step directions to learn how to draw a narwhal. The free printable is in black and white […]

Unicorn Self-Confidence Poster I Believe in Myself

Unicorn Self-Confidence Poster I Believe in Myself Have you ever had days where you doubt yourself? Who hasn’t right?  Especially as a young child or teenager trying something for the first time.  It can be hard to have the self-confidence in yourself to believe that you will succeed.  This unicorn self-confidence poster is FREE from […]