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Easy Birthday Party Dessert

Easy Birthday Party Dessert Do you dread birthday party desserts for children?  I know I am never sure what to make for a large group of kids who will be on a sugar high while at your house for a few hours.  Occasionally, I will look on Pinterest for ideas and spend HOURS recreating the amazing […]

Fun Unicorn Writing Paper – Free Printables

Fun Unicorn Writing Paper – Free Printables Do you love everything unicorn?  If the answer is yes, then you will enjoy this adorable, fun unicorn writing paper!  You can download it for free at the end of this post.  The FREE four-page writing paper includes regular lined paper, dotted lines (for handwriting practice), graph paper and […]

Dream Coloring Page Freebie

Dream Coloring Page Freebie Do you ever daydream?  Does your mind wander off and imagine a happier place, your future goals or colorful dreams?  Mine does for sure and mostly during very stressful moments in my life.  In reality, it is actually a wonderful coping mechanism.  During a ridiculously crazy day with the kids or […]

Pre-Baby Dream Goals – How Things Change

Pre-Baby Dream Goals – How Things Change… Do you ever look back in time and reflect on your pre-baby dream goals and realize how things change?  I have been reflecting quite often lately about how much our lives have changed.  Most likely it is because we are getting ridiculously close to our oldest child heading […]