Middle School Word Search – Bussin’ Edition 2024

Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity to entertain middle school students? No cap, we got you! This Middle School Word Search Printable is here to add some serious vibes to their learning experience. Not only does this activity capture their interest with current slang terms (valid as on June 2024 but we all know these change quickly LOL), but it also includes a fun coloring element and a solution. You can get your hands on the free PDF at the bottom of the post.

Why Use a Middle School Word Search Printable?

Word searches are a great way to engage students in a light and enjoyable activity. Our Middle School Word Search Printable features modern slang words that resonate with today’s middle schoolers. This keeps them entertained and helps adults stay updated on the latest terms. Educators can create a more relatable and fun classroom environment by incorporating these trendy words.

What’s Included in the Middle School Word Search Printable?

Our printable includes a list of 20 popular slang words that are frequently used by Generation Alpha. Each word comes with a definition to help you understand the context in which these terms are used. Additionally, the word search puzzle includes a section to color, adding an artistic element to the activity.

List of Words and Definitions

Here’s the list of words included in our Middle School Word Search Printable, along with their definitions:

  1. BET: A way to express agreement or confirmation, like saying “You bet” or “Okay.”
  2. BUSSIN: Describes something that is really good or cool, often used to talk about food or an event.
  3. CAPPING: Means lying or being untruthful. Used to call someone out for not being honest.
  4. CLAPPED: To be unexpectedly defeated or eliminated, often used in gaming contexts.
  5. COLD: Describes something very cool or impressive. Often accompanied by the freezing emoji in texts.
  6. CRACKED: Refers to someone who is exceptionally good at something, particularly in gaming.
  7. DRIP: Exceptional style or fashionable appearance.
  8. FANUM TAX: A humorous term for taking something from someone, named after an online streamer known for doing so.
  9. FURDA: Doing something for the benefit of friends without expecting anything in return; self-sacrifice for friends.
  10. GOATED: Means being the best at something, derived from “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time).
  11. GYATT: Refers to someone with a large bottom, often used humorously.
  12. LORE: Background knowledge or stories, especially related to games, but used for any kind of detailed information.
  13. OHIO: Used nonsensically to refer to something weird or unusual, inspired by memes about Ohio.
  14. PREPPY: Describes a style that involves wearing pink or pastel colors, often associated with wealth and conformity.
  15. RIZZER: Someone with a lot of charisma or charm, particularly in dating contexts.
  16. SIGMA: Refers to being a dominant, alpha-like male, often with a lone-wolf mentality.
  17. SIMP: Describes someone, usually a man, who is overly submissive or eager to please, often in a romantic context.
  18. SHEESH: An exclamation of surprise or amazement, often drawn out for emphasis.
  19. SKIBIDI: Used ironically, referring to the Skibidi Toilet web video series, often to describe something strange or funny.
  20. SUS: Short for suspicious, often used to describe someone or something that seems shady or untrustworthy.

How to Use the Middle School Word Search Printable

Using the Middle School Word Search Printable is straightforward. Simply download the free PDF from the link provided at the end of this post. Print the pages and distribute them to your students. Encourage them to find all the listed words in the word search puzzle. Once they’ve completed the puzzle, they can enjoy coloring the included section, adding a creative twist to their learning.

Benefits of the Middle School Word Search Printable

This printable is more than just a fun activity; it offers several benefits for both students and educators:

  • Engaging and Fun: Keeps students entertained and motivated to participate.
  • Connection with Students: Helps educators stay updated on current slang, making it easier to relate to students.
  • Creative Outlet: The coloring section allows students to express their creativity.
  • Stress Relief: Provides a relaxing break from more intensive academic tasks.

Download MORE Fun Options for Middle School Students Here

This engaging and educational activity is perfect for middle school students, combining learning with fun. Get your copy today and watch your students enjoy this modern twist on a classic word search!

By incorporating these popular slang words into a fun and interactive word search, you’re sure to capture the interest of your middle schoolers and keep things light and enjoyable in the classroom. Enjoy the Middle School Word Search Printable and the benefits it brings to your classroom!

Download Your Free Middle School Word Search Printable

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