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Good ‘Ol Fashioned Tin Can Stilts

Tin Can CtiltsThe other day we decided to make some good ‘ol fashioned tin can stilts. This was super simple to make just not so super simple to walk on.

Good ‘Ol Fashioned Tin Can StiltsAll we did was remove the labels from some tin cans (actually 26 ounce cans). Use a can opener to make two holes in each can. You can put the holes in the side or the top. I recommend that you put them in the top. We tried in both ways and the side ones tended to rip the string whereas the top ones did not.

Just thread some string or rope through the two holes and tie both ends together tightly. The top of the rope should be at about the child’s hand when relaxed at their sides.

Now, time to practice walking on stilts. It does take practice. I recommend for younger children, try using smaller cans (tuna cans) and progress to taller cans.

Some nice indoor active play on a cold day.

Want to expand the play – create a pretend circus and this can be one of your acts!