Sidewalk Chalk Puzzles

Sidewalk Chalk PuzzlesHere is a fun way to add some challenges to using sidewalk chalk. One person draws a puzzle on the ground. For example, I started by drawing a square, triangle, a hat and a random shape colored yellow. I provided the children with this clue… “The squirrel had yams”. The children had to guess what the pattern was by stepping on the shapes and pictures in the right order. Therefore, they would move to the different objects and check if they were right. Finally they figured out that the pattern was – triangle, square, hat and yellow. The pattern matched the first letters of the words.

Then each of the children created a pattern. Some were harder than others – shapes and the clue was a “preschool song”. We finally whittled that down to the ABC song. And then figured out that you had to walk through the shapes in alphabetical order – circle, rectangle, square and triangle. Some children drew rhebus puzzles (where pictures represent words). Can you guess what the picture is at the top of the post?

It is a banana split! Get it? It is a banana and the shape is split.

This playful activity encourages:

  • logic
  • physical activity
  • creativity

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