Jug Catchers

jug catchers
Recently, I saw this milk jug catcher over at Family Fun and it reminded me that I had made a set of these catchers years ago.   They are so simple.  Just cut off the bottom of a milk container and cover with a bit of duct tape for decoration.  Hold the container by the handle and start playing catch with a friend.  I love this activity because even young children can play it.  The opening is large and it is easy to hold.  I prefer this to a game of velcro catch where the ball can be very hard to remove for some young ones.  If you want to make it more difficult for older kids, play with a ping pong ball.  The ball is smaller and it bounces easily out of the container so it is trickier to catch.
Try playing this game in the water – the milk containers scoop up a lot of water.  Adds a whole new dimension to a water fight!
This activity encourages:
  • eye hand coordination
  • bilateral coordination
  • fun!

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