Pretend Play – Apothecary

Pretend Play – ApothecaryThe other night the kids had loads of fun creating “remedies”.  Not sure why they came up with this word but they concocted many recipes just using water, milk and spices.  It was Dad’s job to taste test!  He says he can still taste one that had too much cinnamon.  They did this for an hour the other night without any help (except the taste tasting) and even washed all the dishes.
After listening to them describe their elixirs, they were so proud of each of their remedies created to cure various ailments.  It certainly was a vocabulary lesson for the younger ones who had never heard of words like cumin, oregano or poultry seasoning.
This was a great kid-created, free play activity which encouraged:
  • imagination
  • creativity
  • measuring, mixing and stirring
  • sensory experiences of taste and smell
  • reading skills

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