The Hidden Rock Game

rock game
The Hidden Rock Game

Here is a simple outdoor activity for all ages:

Find a small rock.  Using paint or permanent marker draw something on the rock.  Go on a hunt for several items from nature that are large enough to cover the rock.  We gathered pine cones, leaves, sticks and tree bark.  Place them in a designated area in your outdoor space about 10-20 feet from a starting line.

One person will hide the rock by placing it under one of the nature items.  Once the rock is hidden, another person will have to go and find it.

Start the timer and the person can run from the starting line to the designated area to find the rock by turning over all the nature items.  Once the rock is found run back to the starting line and stop the clock!

See who can get the best time or just compete against yourself to see what is the shortest amount of time before you find the rock and return to the starting line.