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Pretend Play Box – School

school Pretend Play Box -School
What’s Inside:  Inside this box is a home made clipboard (cardboard, contact paper and binder clip), large index cards, pencil box (recycled watercolor container), ruler, protractor, paper clips, set of dice, pointer, stickers, dry erase marker, eraser, name jar (popsicle sticks inside recycled Parmesan cheese container), pom pom jar (collect one pom pom for good behavior – fill the jar and have a pretend party at your school), prize jar (toy cars and rubber ducks inside jar) and some laminated printables from Pretend Play School Packet (report card, behavior chart, lesson plan, attendance, weather, calender and a few more).
What They Played: The 18 month old loved putting the popsicle sticks in and out of the cheese container, pom poms in/out of jar, spilling the paper clips over and over onto the lid of the box and writing with a pencil on the clipboard.
The older kids set up doll school.  Using the pretend play school forms they reviewed the calender, handed out jobs, took attendance, gave stars for good behavior and completed report cards.  They wrote the doll’s names on the popsicle sticks so that when it was time to take a turn they would just pull out a stick and call that doll’s name.  Pom-poms were awarded and removed for good or bad behavior.  They created a few worksheets on the index cards for the doll’s to complete.  Using the pointer, they brought attention to different areas on the weather chart.  All in all, it kept the kids busy for quite some time.
Sign for the Box:   If you are creating your own boxes I added the sign for the box to the document.  You can view it at Pretend Play Box – School Sign
Get the full download of Playing Pretend – School at GrowingPlay.com
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