Water Bottle Run

Water Bottle RunWe created a fun water bottle run on the refrigerator yesterday.  First cut the bottoms off of water bottles (adult job).  Then duct tape magnets onto the bottles.  We taped the magnets on so we can reuse them another time.  Arrange the bottles in order so that objects can fall through all the way to the bottom.  This was the fun of it – trying different objects to see what would work best.  We determined that pom pom balls worked the best along with small tin foil balls.  Marbles were too heavy and would knock the water bottles off.  Also, roll away (and under the fridge) if you missed the last cup.  The pom-pom’s don’t roll anywhere.Water Bottle Run1Don’t forget that for the last bottle, cut the top off of instead of the bottom to catch the pom-poms. We did try pouring water down the bottle run and it does work fine.  Just pour very slow and small amounts.  May want to put a towel on the floor though – you know kids and water nothing stays dry for long.
Water Bottle Run2This activity encourages:
  • creativity
  • exploration
  • science fun

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