Egg Drop Contest

Egg Drop

This has been a tradition for the last several years in our family. It is loads of fun and great for kids of all ages.  

Object of the Contest: Create the strongest “nest” for your egg so that your egg remains intact after dropping it from different heights.

How you Play:

1. Collect recycles: Start gathering recycles that will make a good nest. We collect egg cartons, small boxes, strawberry containers, coffee cans, butter containers and newspaper.

2. Gather the materials: Put out all the recycles, packing tape and a real egg for each person playing. If you are playing with a large group just partner up or make small teams.

3. Set the timer: Set the timer for around 10 minutes.

4. Create your nest for 10 minutes: Pack your egg safely inside the recycled containers. Add newspaper for padding. Tape it all closed if necessary.

5. Start the drop: Set up a step ladder. Start at the first step. Each player climbs to the first step and drops their egg inside the “nest” of containers.

6. Check egg: After each drop check if the egg is intact. If it is cracked but not leaking you can continue to next round. If there is any leaking you are out (usually these kids become the referees to determine if eggs are cracked or leaking). If egg is intact you move onto the next round.

7. Repeat the drop: Now climb one step higher and repeat the drop and check eggs.

8. Continue climbing and dropping: The last person to have an intact, unbroken egg is the winner! If you need to do a tie breaker just make up your own i.e. some years we have done who can throw the egg the furthest, remove one piece of packing material and drop again, etc.

Have fun and Happy Spring!