Recycled Toy for Toddlers through Elementary Age

ball drop box

This is a simple toy to create that will engage toddlers through elementary school age children.  Cut out several different size circles in a large box with a flip top lid (this is a winter boot box).  Paint around the outside edges to match the colors of any small balls you have lying around your house.  Inside the box, paint some arrows on the lid.

Once dry, the toddler can match up the balls to the correct colored circle and drop them in the box.  The older kids can try to roll the balls up the ramp and see if they land in any holes.  Let the children create a point system if they want i.e. 5 points if it lands in the correct hole, 1 point if it lands in any hole.

The kids will have fun with this simple toy.

This activity encourages:

  • color matching for the toddlers
  • eye hand coordination
  • visual motor skills