Simple Outdoor Tag Game

Wolves and Sheep

Here is a simple outdoor tag game for children of all ages.  Similar to Red Light, Green Light but Wolves and Sheep is even easier (and less cheating and arguing).

How to Play:

1.  Pick one person to be the wolf.  This person stands on one side of the yard.

2.  All the rest of the players are sheep and stand at least 30 feet away from the wolf at a starting line.

3.  The wolf turns his/her back to the sheep so he/she can not see them.  The sheep quietly walk forward towards the wolf.  The sheep try to make it all the way to the wolf without getting tagged.  The wolf can turn around at any time and try to tag sheep.

4.  Once the wolf turns around the sheep have to run back to the starting line as fast as they can.  If the wolf does tag someone that person gets to help the wolf.

5.  Therefore if one sheep was tagged two people are the wolves now.  The sheep quietly sneak forward again.  The wolves must turn around at the same time and try to tag sheep again.

6.  Keep playing until a sheep tags the wolf or there is only one sheep left.