Kid Created Recipes

Kid Created RecipesOur children have been picking out meals for dinner where they choose the menu.  The kids have been coming up with some creative recipes around here.  They decide on the meal but I cook it.  There are plenty of times that they cook around here but during the week sometimes it can very hectic with different after school activities.  Therefore, this allows them to still be involved in the meal planning but works with our schedule.
This week, my daughter’s recipe was sausage sandwiches.  She wanted sausage grilled like a hamburger with french toast as the “bun”.  We used syrup instead of ketchup for our “burger”.  She was so proud of her meal (as you can see by the picture).  It was super tasty.
The next recipe on our list for this week is Goldfish Cracker Chicken.  My son wants chicken cutlets breaded in crushed colored goldfish.  I have to admit I love that they think up these recipes – one less night that I need to plan a menu!