Pretend Play Plus Sensory Play = FUN!

Pretend Play Plus Sensory Play = FUN!Combining pretend play with sensory exploration is loads of fun.  We love to add pretend props to mix up sensory activities.  Today, the dried beans were “cooked” on the cardboard stove top and mini bean muffins were “baked” inside the oven.  As children get older they can expand their play repertoire and you can help by adding props with the sensory materials.

Here are a few xamples:

  • add small pots and pans to “cook” different sensory materials
  • add small dolls or characters to explore the materials ie make mountains to climb or tunnels to explore
  • add real items ie ice cream cones with play dough
  • add cupcake liners and beads to make cupcakes to sell at a pretend bakery

The opportunities are endless when you combine pretend play with sensory materials.

Check out GrowingPlay for more pretend play ideas and some free printables.