Running Bases Game

running bases

Running Bases is a great classic game that I played frequently as a child and my children play now.

Here is how you play:

Preparation:  Head outdoors and find two trees at least 40 feet apart.  If trees are not available, put out two bases or cones.  Grab a ball to toss, something that won’t hurt if someone gets hit by it.

Players:  You need at least 4 players for Running Bases.  Assign two players to be the catchers.  They each stand at a different base.  All of the other players pick a base to start out at.  This game is best suitable for ages 5+ years old.

How to Play:  On “GO”, the catchers toss the ball back and forth to each other.  The players must run to the opposite base.  If the catchers throw the ball back and forth three times all the players have to run to the opposite base therefore running players can not stay at one base for too long.  The object is to get to the opposite base without getting tagged by the ball. 

If you are tagged by the ball you become a catcher.  You can set the rules in the beginning of the game whether you can actually hit runners with the soft ball or whether the catcher has to touch you with the ball.  

So head outdoors this weekend, to play outdoors the classic game of Running Bases.

Other Ideas

If it is super hot out use water balloons to toss back and forth.

If you are at the beach, we have played running bases in shallow water.  Throw a water ball back and forth.  It is a great leg workout!


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