Using Apps to Make Books for Little Ones

Laura's Adventure Book

My little one loves to make picture books with her in them.  We have cut out pictures of her and just glued them onto different scenes or just drawn some simple sketches.  Well, today we used the PhotoChop app on the iPhone to make a quick book about some imaginary adventures.

Basically you take a picture and erase everything except the person or face.  Then you can change the background.  You can upload your own background or use the ones that are right on the app.  Either print the picture directly to your wireless printer or email it to yourself and print it from the computer.

I imported the pictures into a software program and added text to her adventure book.  In total, this project took about 15 minutes.  My little one really enjoyed picking the background and helping to write the text.

We have read the book at least 10 times since we wrote it this afternoon!