3 More Games to Play Around the Campfire

3 More Games to Play Around the Campfire

Here are three more games to play around the campfire:

1. Word Categories: pick a theme and then a word. For example:

  • The theme is camping
  • The word is tent
  • Taking turns, think of a word related to the theme of camping that starts with each letter of your word
  • T – tent
  • E – earthworm
  • N – night time
  • T – trees

Now pick a new theme and a new word.

 2.  First and Last
Again think of a theme. The challenge is to say a word and the next person has to say a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. For example:
  • Theme – Summer
  • First Word – hot
  • Next word must start with a T – towel
  • Next word must start with a L – lake
  • Keep going until someone can not think of a word.
 3.   First and Last Name Game
Pick a group of people and see how many first and last names you can remember. We like to play First and Last Names of the school staff. You could do people from a certain state, movie stars, musicians, elementary school friends, etc.
Happy Camping!!!!!