Enjoy Life’s Small Moments

enjoy life's small moments
I feel like life is passing by so quickly.  One of my goals for the upcoming year is to slow down.  As a working mother with 6 children I am feeling like that is not a possibility so I plan on trying to at least slow each day down by taking the time to appreciate the small moments in life.  Each week I will try and reflect on 5 small moments.
So let’s get started here are my first 5 small moments from today:
1.  Hanging out outdoors with my toddler.  Being outdoors following a toddler around for some reason brings me peace and quiet.  He is entertained and I follow along in case he finds he needs me. He doesn’t need me to play with him but just to be by him.  I know this time will pass and soon enough I will be able to watch him play from the kitchen window.  For now, I am enjoying this small moment for sure!
2.  Playing pretend with my 5 year old.  It may mean nothing to anyone else but the two of us.  She gets so into role playing and again I just follow along.  I am not allowed to change the plot of the pretend tale (the current theme is that she has no parents and she is an orphan – I guess I should take it personally haha).  We play it repeatedly and I just have to do what she tells me or basically listen to what she is doing.  I love that kind of play.
3.  Chatting with the older girls.  Once the 4 younger children head up to bed, my oldest two daughters and I tend to have quick but fun conversations about the day.  It is simple chatting but I do cherish it since they are both in high school.
4.  Reading to the children.  I will never grow tired of reading picture books to my children.  Tonight it was the Polar Express.  So cozy!
5.  Night time talks with my husband and a glass of wine.  Aaaahhhhh!  I think the title says it all.  I always enjoy when we have the time to sit in the kitchen and chat about our day over a glass of wine.  Adult conversation with someone who gets me!
Sure I had some bad moments today (ie closed my finger in the van door OUCH!) or moments of complete chaos but in general I had some great small moments that may soon be forgotten.