10 Crazy Artwork Ideas

10 crazy artwork ideas

Are your kids getting tired of the same old artwork or craft ideas?  Give them a challenge – what is the strangest way to create artwork besides the usual drawing with a pencil or painting with a paintbrush?  Warning:  this may get a little messy!

Here are some suggestions to get their creative juices going:

  1. Head outdoors and paint with a tree branch.
  2. Catapult paint with plastic spoons onto a big piece of paper.
  3. Roll up tinfoil into a ball and paint with it.
  4. Drawing a picture with your non dominant hand and eyes closed.
  5. Sidewalk chalk on trees inside of the driveway.
  6. Kickbox painting
  7. Melt crayons on hot rocks and leave them along a hiking trail.
  8. Sculpt with fabric
  9. Mixed Medium – add glitter, dried beans, paint, sand, sticks or whatever you find around the house to create a work of art.
  10. Vegetable Sculptures – this is a yearly contest at our county fair.  Always interesting to see what the children create.

What can your kids come up with?  Still bored?  Open up The Crayon Cafe to serve up new doodles daily!