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Category Hot Potato Campfire Game

Category Hot Potato Campfire game

Here is a fun game to play around the campfire – Category Hot Potato Game.  You will need one marshmallow for your “hot potato”. Download Category Games or the Category game freebie. Cut apart the category cards.  

How to play:

  1. One person is IT and holds the marshmallow.  Pass the marshmallow to the person on the right.
  2. Pick a category and start to pass the marshmallow to each person around the fire.
  3. The person who is IT has to think of three items related to that category before the marshmallow makes it all the way around the campfire back to him/her.

To make it harder:  pick a category and a letter.  Start with the letter A.  The person who is IT has to think of three things in the category that starts with the letter A.  For the next round move on to the letter B.

To make it easier:  pass the marshmallow around the campfire twice while you think of three items from the category.

To add in some tasty fun:  The player to the left of the person who is IT, has to eat the marshmallow to end the round.  Therefore, the person who is IT can continue to name things from the category until the marshmallow makes it around the campfire and the last person eats and swallows the entire marshmallow.

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