Switch It Up Drawing Game

Switch It Up Drawing Game

Here is another super simple pencil and paper game to play. You can play with one person or a large group.  Everyone grab a pencil and paper.  Start by drawing one object with your dominant hand. Now it is time to switch it up and try drawing a different way.

Try drawing with:

  1. your non-dominant hand
  2. the pencil in your mouth
  3. the pencil in your toes
  4. your head upside down
  5. your eyes closed
  6. your dominant hand after you spin around in a circle 10x
  7. a super tiny pencil (use a golf pencil or smaller)
  8. a huge pencil (duct tape the pencil to a wiffle ball bat)
  9. your paper taped to the underside of a desk (Michelangelo style)
  10. a round of Silly Sketches

What crazy ways can you switch it up?

Silly Sketches Silly Sketches includes 10 drawings to create by following 6 simple directions.  There are 10 drawing starters for each silly sketch to make the activity easier if necessary.  This is suitable for one child to complete or for a group of children.  This electronic book is in black and white.

This download encourages:  drawing skills, ability to follow step by step directions, reativity, visual motor skills and visual perceptual skills.

As with all our products, the activities are reproducible to use over and over again with all the children that you teach. Get sample game page from Silly Sketches

Remember this is an electronic book.  Following payment you will receive a link to download the book.  To purchase the Silly Sketches download for $1.99 with credit card click on the ADD TO CART button.