Creative Brain Series Question #5 – New Holiday?

Here is question #5 to get your creative brain juices flowing – Every year we celebrate holidays.  If you could start a new holiday what would it be and when would you celebrate it?

Creative Brain Series5
This post is part of the Creative Brain Series from Growing Play on creativity, imagination, outside the box thinking, something quick to do while you are waiting or a boredom buster.  The series will include one question every couple of days to get children and adults to think on their feet. There is no right or wrong answers just try to be creative.  Spend 1-2 minutes to think or just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind to share your answer.
My answers for question #5 would be a Family Fun Holiday. It would be a holiday that everyone plans a few, fun games, crafts or an outing to bond together as a family.  You don’t have to prepare a meal or make it a huge gathering but just slow down and PLAY TOGETHER!