Kale and Apple Salad that Kids Will Actually Eat!

Kale and Apple Salad
I can’t believe it. My kids actually ate this kale and apple salad and asked for more. I like vegetables and happen to like kale but usually not raw. I adapted this recipe from Cooking at the New York Times.
Quick funny story – my kids tasted raw kale at lunch time that I was putting on a panini. Their reaction ranged from comments about it being gross to actually spitting it out. At dinner time the same day, I made this kale and apple salad and asked them to try again.  I thought they might like it this time because the combination of the lemon juice and the parmesan cheese took the bitterness out of the raw kale. They loved it!  Some even came back for seconds.
Here is my adapted recipe.  I am lazy cooker so the least amount of dirty dishes are the best.
Some kale ripped up small (about 4 cups – I didn’t measure)
2 Chopped Apples (I didn’t bother peeling)
Handful of shredded cheddar cheese
  1. Squeeze one lemon
  2. 4 tbsp olive oil
  3. Crushed garlic clove
  4. 2 tbsp parmesan cheese

Stir it up and pour over kale. Toss the salad and serve.

Would love to hear if your kids eat it!